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Calle Othon P. Blanco Reg. 1 Mza. 55 Lte. 29 Poblado, Buenavista, 77923 Q.R., Mexico

What to do in Bacalar

Visit the Canal de los Piratas

Spectacular spot where the Hondo River joins the Bacalar Lagoon, characterised by its fine, soft sand, some of which contains sulphur, making it ideal for a body scrub. An excellent setting for enjoying a unique sunset.

Discover the Cenote Azul

History tells us that the Maya regarded these natural underground chambers as sacred places. The Cenote Azul, 300 m in diameter and 90 m deep, has various rock formations that make it a great attraction for divers and scuba enthusiasts.

Enjoy a sailboat ride

This is the best way to explore the Lagoon of Seven Colours. The calm waters of the lagoon are ideal for leisurely sailing, with the wind as your guide.

Explore the surroundings

You can rent a bike and cycle around the island. It's a great way to see its most authentic side!